Featured Author: Katherine “Cookie” Jones

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Katherine “Cookie” Jones wrote and published a memoir titled I Know a Way Out.  She describes it this way:

featured author jones I Know a Way Out is an account of my life’s journey towards a sense of peace and fulfillment, culminating in personal acceptance of a greater power that resides in all of us.  Emphasizing issues relating to family, much of my work centers on my experiences and interactions in the household of my aunt and uncle after the deaths of my parents, six months apart. While I had a connection with my aunt, my relationship with my uncle posed numerous challenges as a result of his pattern of sexual abuse, beginning when I was a young child and lasting through my teen years. As I moved into my twenties, I began to find some measure of independence through my career path, but events took a downward turn when my uncle decided that I should move out of the home in which I was raised.  Later, I describe starting a new life with my husband, Jay, but this association failed to provide the happiness that I desired.  In concluding sections of I Know a Way Out, I portray the events of my present, depicting a new life with my “stranger” as well as the spiritual re-awakening that I experienced at the age of thirty-one. Although grounded on a level of despair and uncertainty, this narrative frequently injects a spirit of hope based on my personal faith. As a whole, I wish to inspire the reader by rendering the notion that spirituality will furnish the power to transcend the relative limitations that life may present.”

You can read I Know a Way Out in paperback, or on your Kindle:

Buy the paperback here.

Buy the Kindle edition here.

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