Promote Your Memoir — Be a Featured Author!

Read My Hips reading & book signing at Barnes & Noble

Here’s a reading/booksigning I did for my memoir Read My Hips at Barnes & Noble.

Looking for a publisher for your memoir manuscript?

Or are you looking for the very readers who will LOVE your self-published memoir about carving presidents’ profiles in grains of rice?

Whatever you’re looking for, you just might get it — especially if you’re chosen as a featured author, right here on the Write That Memoir Right Now blog!

Starting immediately, I want to help you expose your memoir (or memoir-in-progress) to the reading universe.  Tell me about your memoir!

  • What’s the title?
  • Is it finished yet?
  • Is it for sale?
  • What’s it about?

Send a brief message.  If I tap you to be featured, I’ll get in touch with you about posting an image of your book cover, a link to where it’s for sale (if it’s already published), and possibly an excerpt. You just might find yourself — and your fabulous memoir — featured right here on the Write That Memoir Right Now blog.  And who knows where that might lead!

So c’mon — let’s get this party started!

— Kim

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